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     Brothers, as you know, the Zeta Zeta Chapter is currently working hard in preparations for the 50th anniversary, as well as celebrating our Hugh Shields Award, but with the increase in cost for the local chapter, we are reaching out to our alumni base. The undergraduate chapter, in conjunction with the Housing Corp. We are asking for donations to help pay off the 2017 renovation of the Delt Shelter so that we can help keep the cost of membership as low as possible for our current brothers as well as our future brothers. The Housing Corporation is asking all alumni to donate at least $50 to help fund the remodel project, or concider donating more to reach one of the Zeta Zeta Lifetime Funding Levels (For more information on the Zeta Zeta Lifetime Funding Levels, click here). Our goal is to raise $25,000.

Currently, we have raised $27,086

 Thank you to the following brothers that have supported the undergraduate chapter in this 2020 Delt Shelter fundraising event:

Adam Abbott

Andrew Abbott

David Adair

Doug Adair

John David Adams

Chance Allen

Perry Allen

Kyle Amburgery

Mark Angel

Tanner Ashworth

Braden Back

Michael Back

Nick Barber

Andy Barrett

Aaron Barrett

Blake Barhorst

Matt Bell

JC Bettger

Rocky Blanton

Luke Boyd

Seth Bowman

Rocky Burke

Andy Buteyn

Carter Caron

Theron Carter

Cory Christy

Craig Circle

Kyle Cochran

Seth Cole

Ethan Collins

Hunter Collins

Larrin Collins

Nick Collons

Keenan Conley

Chase Coverdale

Josh Crump

Wade Curtsinger

Bradley Dalton

Russell Darrow

Ray Davis

Darrin DeMoss

William Donlon

Cameron Dunn

Caden Easterling

Tarik Edwards

David Elliot

CJ Ellison

Dale Emmons

In honor of Jerry Emmons

Cooper Enges

Cameron Faudere

Tanner Fischer

Tyler Fitzpatrick

Ron Freeman

Josh  Fuller

Brad Fyffe

Justin Gasser

Ryan Geers

Austin Gillium

Creighton Greene

Dakota Greenslate

Logan Gross

Chaise Gulley

Michael Hale

Cody Hammonds

Peyton Hampton

Brian Hancock

Chris Hanson

John Hardy

Zach Hart

Josh Hemm

Jon Henderson

Da'rell Henry

Jacob Henry

Wayne Heringer

John Hershberger

Logan Holbrook

Justin Holsinger

Blaine Holtkamp

Zach Horton

Morgan Howard

Kyle Howard

In honor of Terry Irons

Aaron James

In honor of Rees Justice

Mason Jones

Mac Kaiser

Hunter Kissick

Taborn Kissick

Steven Lange

Clay Legget

Harold Letton Jr

Tate Lewis

Coby Lumpkins

Garrett Mandrell

Matt Marcum

Justin May

Logan May

T Dent McCarty

Jason McDonald

Max McFarland

JD McGinnis

Jake McKay

Willie McKay

Devin McNeely

Brock McNeil

Chris Melvin

Braxton Miller

Chris Miller

Travis Mofield

Andy Monnin

Kyle Moore

Stevie Moore

Spencer Morris

Conor Mullaney

Colby Muncy

Eric Napier

Corey Newsome

Tyler Newsom

Cole Nickel

Jacob Orschell

Shilo Owens

Joel Pace

John Parton

Thomas Patrick

John Payne

Colton Pence

Stephen Phillips

Chase Porter

Jacob Porter

Steven Potter

Tyler Potter

Brade Powell

Evin Preece

Joe Preece

Sean-Craig Preece

Tyler Pyles

Henry Quillen

Joseph Rea

Austin Reed

Nick Reeves

Taylor Reed

Mark Remlinger

Tyler Richardson

Kasey Riley

Eli Rodriquez

Kaden Ross

Trey Rosser

Baylor Ruark

Brady Saunders

Cole Saunders

Ben Schneider

Tom Schweitzer

Barry Scott

Joel Shaw

In honor of Phil Shay

Jack Sherry

Austin Shuck

Clay Sivils

Wyatt Sivils

Dennis Sizemore

Isaac Slone

Brad Smith

Clay Smith

Ronald Smith

Tim Smith

David Soto

Ryan Springer

Treyce Spurlock

Jacob Stamm

Kade Stamper

Tommy Stanforth

Hunter Stewart

Steve Stewart

Nate Stone

Ed Strosnider

Corey Sturgill

Jeremy Sumpter

Matt  Swiggum

Wilson Switzer

Kade Sword

Spencer Tabor

Larry Tadlock

Allen Taylor

Dan Thompson

Kody Thornsberry

Troy Tignor

Connor Tilford

Garrison Toy

Tony Trapp

Thomas Trivette

Brady Turner

Matthew Turner

Brandon Walker

Bret Wampler

John Ward

Gary Webber

Dale Whitaker

Ray White

South Whitt

Dallas Wheeler

Neal Wheeler

Cameron Whitlock

Robert Williams

Nolan Willoughby

Richard Wilson

Kirlen Wireman

Zach Wood

Kyle Yarawsky

JR York

Tanner Young

Daniel Yearly


Donations can be given through Venmo at: @DeltaTauDeltaHousing-ZetaZeta or by check to

Delta Tau Delta at Darrin DeMoss PO Box 1444 Morehead, KY 40351

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